CME And MOC- Eessintials For a Medical Career
CME And MOC- Eessintials For a Medical Career
June 2, 2020 by eMedEvents

As a physician, you might have often come across the terms CME and MOC. Here we tried to clearly state what exactly CME and MOC are to disseminate the confusion between the clauses. 

Well, CME and MOC are the fundamental essentials for your medical career. They will help you keep up with the practice and maintain your licensing authority. There is a different process ascertained to obtain each one of these credits.

The two main essentials to maintain your medical license are the "state board eligibility" and "state medical license" with the governing board of your respective speciality. 

Here's what you need to know about CME,

1. CME( Continuing Medical Education)

CME are the learning hours granted for a physician to remain satiated through medical practice. These are necessary to stay updated with the evolving trends in clinical practices and technology. It refines the skills of a physician to present quality patient care. CME credits vary from state to state based on your speciality. To earn the Credits, you can attend a medical conference which are available in the form of Live meetings, Online Conferences, Journal based CME, and Text-based CME. 

Do you know that CME credits are divided into two categories?

Yes, They are the Prescribed and the Elective Credits.

- Prescribed credits are for physicians where the credits are granted for topics such as patient care and patient care delivery within areas of family medicine.

- Elective credits are the credits that are assigned by the American Medical Association (AMA) and Physicians Recognition Award (PRA) under category 1, which are accredited by the American Osteopathic Association (AOA).

On the other hand, some states demand the renewal of medical licenses every three years. The number of credit hours granted ranges from 0-150. Wherein most of the specialities require 25 CME credits/year. 

Now that you've known about CME, let's dive into MOC.

2. MOC (Maintenance of Certification)

Keeping CME as its vital component, MOC is a broad element for a physician. Maintenance of certification allows a healthcare professional to manage their board certification by the American Board of Medical Specialities. ABMS frames the standards for board certification and MOC.  

To be certified, you need 100 MOC points every five years. You can meet the MOC requirements by attending an exam, conducted every 10years. Remember the below four steps to fulfil your MOC requirements 

1. Maintain professionalism at all times of your practice

2. Complete all the self Assessment modules to attain CME. On average you need 250 CME points(25 credits per year concerning your speciality)

3. Complete the Assessment test held in every ten years 

4. Successfully finish ongoing assessments and improvement activities

Maintaining your certification and licenses is an ongoing process. Carefully analyze the state requirements belonging to your speciality to have a clear idea of your MOC cycle. 

Are you ready to explore and choose the conferences that are right for you?

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