Attracting More Patients to Your Clinic
Attracting More Patients to Your Clinic
May 30, 2018 by Dr. Ushasri Boda


At eMedEvents, we understand that for a medical practice to grow it is crucial to attract new patients and maintain an amazing rapport with your existing patients. This requires strategic marketing and relationship management. One needs to understand the market dynamics in order to implement the right marketing tactics and excellent patient care.

With new social media technologies emerging every year, physicians should learn to capitalize on these platforms to reach new patients from broader demographics. As we have mentioned before in our blog post "Do Online Reviews Matter for Doctors?" nearly 72% of patients use Google to learn about a doctor and clinic before making an appointment.

Patients not only look on the internet to find out about doctors, they also read about their symptoms online and whether their medical insurance will cover such conditions. It is important for a doctor to have a positive online presence.

By incorporating these 5 marketing tips, we hope to help you achieve your medical practice goals.

Social Media Presence:

This is a very crucial part of marketing today. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp are the major converters of patient interest into scheduled visits. As a physician, consider posting several types of content on these platforms to reach a broader audience and be more recognizable to potential new patients.

Make sure you post often. It is helpful to post on a daily basis, even as much as 2-3 times per day in order to appear more on your potential patient’s newsfeed. You can also interact online with users by providing general information regarding health topics posted online.

Target the Keywords and Topics:

No matter what medium for advertising you choose- brochure, newspaper ad, pamphlet, email campaign, banner ad, or website- if the right phrases and wording are used you will easily be able to attract new patients.

Educating the reader about various kind of procedures, insurance coverage, the importance of follow-up appointments, and offering other vital information online will increase the number of appointments from new patients. Good information can also help reduce miscommunication with existing patients and increase your website ranking on search engines.

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Online Patient Reviews:

These reviews can create a big impact on your business. Positive feedback attracts more patients while negative feedback can have disastrous consequences, even including an investigation by The Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB). Encourage your patients to provide positive online reviews. A higher number of reviews will create a better impact on your Google search results.

Doctors Directories:

Listing yourself in these online directories will help your practice improve its online visibility and in turn increase your number of patients which will help drive revenue. We recommend directories such as,, RateMDs, and These listings also aid in getting your practice showcased on top of several search engines.

Relationship Management:

Providing up-to-date training to your staff on topics such as follow-up procedure, insurance policy coverage, pricing for services, equipment details, procedure knowledge, personalized patient care for each individual patient and their issues, and other important details will help provide an overall better patient experience during a visit.

We also recommend that you encourage your staff to attend CME medical conferences which provide information on maintaining patient data, equipment details, accounting and practice management, and much more.

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