A Tremendous 60 Percent Shift Towards Online CME Conference- Every HCP Should consider Looking At
A Tremendous 60 Percent Shift Towards Online CME Conference- Every HCP Should consider Looking At
June 24, 2020 by eMedEvents

Right from the family gatherings to professional meetings, 

Social distancing is now a must. Everything is just going virtual, and healthcare is of no exception. Slowly, Healthcare professionals are quickly adapting to changes and have started to consult their patients through digital tools such as Telehealth and Telemedicine. Infact, there are many tools available in the digital market to assist a physician in staying engaged with peers and patients. 

HCPs often approach Medical conferences to access the recent updates in the medical industry and share their insights with their peers. As a result of this unexpected pandemic, Medical organizers are cancelling their events and shifting them to virtual versions. Medical professionals started to show equal excitement to attend an online session as they were for the offline conferences. 

User-behaviour towards Online CME

At eMedevents, we have observed a tremendous change in the HCP behaviour from the past three months. 

Please have a look at the image below showing a peak in the number of page visitors for our Online Conferences

Which indicates that medical professionals are showing huge interest in virtual conferences

By understanding the buying behaviours of HCP's, medical organizers without any doubt are choosing to host their conferences Online. At eMedEvents, we have shifted approximately 60 % of the offline meetings to online every day.

Although they miss the in-person interaction and connecting with fellow physicians, HCPs are actively paving towards Online Conferences. For seamless communication, organizers are incorporating jaw-dropping video conferencing experiences.

Organizers are now requested to generate a trending hashtag to make it easier for a Physician to know about conferences shifting online. Vice versa, they, in turn, utilize these hashtags to post any images, videos, or any content online, initiating an engagement for Online conferences. 

Online conferences have bought a substantial positive impact and made it easier to consume the required information. HCPs recognize digital conferences as a powerful tool to engage and interact on both personal and professional levels during these crucial times. As these conferences don't demand any demographic restrictions, HCPs are utilizing this opportunity to share insights and the research reports with the prominent experts from across the world. 

Additionally, digital tools such as twitter chats, video calls will also assist you in connecting with other HCPs to collaborate and share new advancements in your area. 

With the Digitalization and Technology hand in hand, from treating a patient to participating in a conference, everything is just a click away. 

If you are looking to attend an online CME Conference, you can navigate to  https://www.emedevents.com/online-cme-courses.

Attend a session from the comfort of your place and stay accredited during this pandemic. 

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