A shift from Live Conferences to Online conference - How to Maximize Outcomes
A shift from Live Conferences to Online conference - How to Maximize Outcomes
April 2, 2020 by eMedEvents

Out of nowhere in the blue, The Outbreak of the pandemic COVID-19 has made it crucial to cancel or reschedule the Conference. Now, It is nearly impossible to plan an in-person or a live conference. 

The statsnews.com has provided a brief estimation of the number of medical conferences that are canceled and rescheduled.

In dire straits of event cancellation, you can still hold your conferences digitally. 

The advantage of hosting your Conference online is, you can acquire in-depth knowledge on the analytics of tracking user behavior, document downloads, and online attendance. Hosting the Conference Online would be a medium for you to serve your audience in a better way possible.  

Unlike live conferences, you can host as many events without worrying about the organizing costs enhancing the interaction between the attendees and the speakers. 

Moreover, You can make the conference material accessible to your attendees for as long as you desire. 

Now, The question is How to maximize the outcomes of an Online Conference?

1. Create anticipation and market effectively - Make your audience aware that the Conference is held online through emails and social media. To capture the attention and build excitement, create video teasers to bestow a clear idea about the Conference.

2. Send an invitation and welcome your audience Online - Your respondents might barely be aware of navigating an online conference. Acquaint them with the steps to enter into the online Conference through an invitation. You can also generate the FAQs for a better understanding.

3. Capture the attention of a participant - Set the theme and the tone that you're going to present. Upon login, give them instructions on the ways to keep up with the live content and keep the conversations flowing with the speakers and the online audience.

4. Plan your event thoroughly - Most of the attendees attend the conferences as it provides an opportunity for them to meet and collaborate with sponsors and the like-minded people. To offer such lively experience, structure the data, and include suggestions to ensure your attendees are making the most out of an online course. 

5. Follow Up with an email - The additional benefit of attending a conference is to acquire the CME credits. On visiting a live meeting, it requires time to reflect their credits to the licensure, whereas in online conferences, credits are instantly added. Follow up with an email regarding their credits update and provide them with the new journals or downloadables to have instant access to the conference material.

Move your Conference Online, and do not worry about the refunds anymore. Online Conferences acts as a medium to build flexibility and attain loyalty. 

Are you looking for a platform to hold your Online CME Conferences? No worries, you click here, fill in your conference data and you are ready to go.

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