A shift from in-person to online Conferences- 5 ultimate steps to engage with your audience
A shift from in-person to online Conferences- 5 ultimate steps to engage with your audience
April 20, 2020 by eMedEvents

It all started with the outbreak of the pandemic coronavirus. According to a recent research report, major healthcare conferences are cancelled for the first time in 58 years. 

Considering the health and wellness of the attendees, many organizers are in a confused state of mind, wheather to move their in-person conferences to Online or cancel. But many of them had succeeded in scheduling their sessions virtually.  

For a conference to move online, you can either host them on your website or choose a conference hosting website. 

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So, when you've decided to be on the play and host your conference, it is also essential to stay engaged with your respondents and keep them notified about your conference updates.

Here are the 5 ultimate steps to keep your audience engaged from the start to end of the conference.  

1. Website

As a conference organizer You must definetly be having a website that is specially designed for your conference. The website would be a medium to build communication between you and your prospect. Create a landing page determining all the details on moving your conference online. Dont forget to incorporate a CTA ( Call to action ) that navigates to the Conference hosting platform. 


Emails are one of the cost-effective and outspoken ways to stay in touch with your audiences. Infact, the success of your event determines how successful your email campaigns are. You can utilize emails either to update your prior registered audiences or to invite the new ones. You can easily make them notified that your conference is still ON on the internet. Do you know that video emails are the latest trend? Yes, to Build enthusiasm in your user mind, incorporate videos and images into your emails.  

3. Social media

Most of the prospects are now on social media. It is the best way to stay engaged with desired audiences. Create enticing images and trailers of your Online conference to grab the attention. Set a reminder for your attendees to be present for the conference. 

4. SMS Marketing

Set up sms marketing and build passive audiences. You can use it to notify your viewers and increase signups for your virtual conference. 

5. Advertisement

There are no demographic restrictions to attend online conferences. You can grab a wider range of audiences from across the world through paid advertisements such as Facebook ads, google ads. Set your audience persona, and you are good to go.

In this time of the pandemic, Create an oppurtunity for physicians to stay connected.

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