A New Wave of Technology in Healthcare
A New Wave of Technology in Healthcare
December 30, 2019 by Kenechi Chiemelu

Amazon has revolutionized the convenience of the customer after setting groundbreaking cultural trends that transformed the digital world. For example, the creation of Alexa - an inquisitive, prepared, and personable AI - allowed homeowners to have a personal assistant without breaking their banks. Other developers are building on the same foundation for virtual assistants by improving their functionality and simplicity. 

Amazon, the pioneer of voice commands, is delivering the usefulness of Alexa to the healthcare environment. Their transition into the healthcare business has created a way for companies to transmit crucial information through Alexa-enabled devices while remaining HIPAA compliant.

By doing so, healthcare companies developed applications, called voice skills, that work with Alexa to process your health information. Customers can foresee using voice technology to manage their prescriptions, schedule doctor appointments, and even monitor their health status.

Listed below are the first six healthcare companies invited to use Alexa to provide easy and accessible medical care:

  1. Express Scripts: Patients will track their prescriptions until the point of arrival. Alexa will notify the individual of its delivery time.
  2. Cigna Health Today: This voice skill will incentivize patients to remember their wellness by offering redeemable gift dollars and wellness tips. A study conducted by Cigna showed that health incentives doubled the chances of an individual successfully working on their recovery.
  3. Boston Children’s Hospital’s ERAS: This new skill, called Children’s Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS), is for kids who have undergone cardiac surgery and are discharged from the hospital. It provides post-care treatment to answer questions and providing updates on the recovery and prospective appointments.
  4. Swedish Health Connect: Book same-day or next-day appointments at a Swedish Express Care Clinic near your home by asking Alexa.
  5. Atrium Health: It provides information about the nearest urgent health care and hospital locations. It informs residents of North and South Carolina regarding the centers in their specific region, such as location, wait times, hours of operations, address, and phone number.
  6. Livongo: As the president of Livongo has noted, their skill is essential for users who have difficulty reading, cannot quickly use a phone, or have busy schedules. For example, this specific skill can allow a member to hear their last blood glucose check by asking Alexa.

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