5 Ways to Promote Your Healthcare Event
5 Ways to Promote Your Healthcare Event
May 11, 2018 by eMedEvents

As a CME medical conference organizer, promoting a healthcare event can be a daunting task at times. You likely have to maneuver around several departments, various vendors, keynote speakers, and healthcare professionals.

As an organizer, you need to capitalize on various platforms to spread the word about your upcoming event. An ideal time to start implementing the marketing strategy is around 3 months before the event, but the work doesn’t stop there! You need to have an after-event marketing strategy to retain delegates, sponsors, and vendors.

We suggest you consider these 5 options to make your next CME medical event a success.

Paid Ads Marketing: Consider paying for ads on various social media platforms. This should include websites a physician often visits. You can opt for banner ads on home pages, in newsletters, inside pages of a website, or even pop-ups on your own website. The more visible it is, the more chances you have of viewers registering and remembering that your organization is conducting a medical event related to their specialty.

Social Media Marketing: Creating engaging content like trivia, quizzes, images, videos, and hashtags can attract a lot of attention from healthcare professionals. The main objectives here are to capture the attention of healthcare professionals, update them about the conference, provide a sneak-peek at what the event is going to be like, and inform them about the brand, keynote speaker, cross-selling, and various activities in-between and after the event.

Website: Your own website and newsletter can be an excellent way of marketing your event. Dedicate a whole page on your website to provide various details about the event, highlight learning objectives, CME credits, bios about the speakers, small clips of previous events, location and layout images, transportation information, FAQ’s, registration details, and testimonials of previous healthcare professionals who have attended your events.

Various Kinds of Offers: As a CME medical event organizer, consider providing offers like early bird pricing, student discounts, package discounts, sign-up discounts, and access to relevant documents, webcast, journals, etc.

Cross-Promotion: You can ask your venue provider, sponsors, speakers, and previous attendees to promote your upcoming conference on their social media accounts as well. Offering a few freebies to them and to their audience can significantly increase ticket sales. This will grab the attention of your desired audience immediately.

Therefore, when you are planning any strategies to market an international CME conference consider these points, plan accordingly, and make your event a success!

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