5 HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Tools
5 HIPAA Compliant Video Conferencing Tools
June 26, 2020 by eMedEvents

Video Conferencing tools are crucial than ever. All you need is a top-notch software to impearl ease of accessibility. When approaching a tool, a user would consider the factors such as,

- The concept of saving money and time

- Screen sharing abilities

- Recording capabilities

- Data Security

By the end of 2020, around 1million HCPs will employ telemedicine into their careers. When utilizing technology as a treatment gateway, ensuring security in all the stages is very important. 

Focus on medicine prescribing. Video consultation may sometimes lead a physician to over prescribe the antibiotics. So, the HCPs are advised to make a decision considering Protected Health information (PHI) of a patient and abiding by the laws of Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

To culminate the risks and the pitfalls, there are many HIPAA compliant tools available in the digital market.

Here are the 5 Video conferencing tools that would help you present the best possible treatment. 

1. Doxyme

Doxyme is the telemedicine software that follows the rules of HIPAA Compliance. It is a browser-based software. That works based on the basis GDPR and is said to be one of the most secure models. To make it even more flexible, it has an in-built virtual waiting room, that allows both the doctors and the patients to reschedule the appointments. A patient or a consultant will have an option to customize their waiting room with quotes or some calming videos. 


Doxyme is compatible with all the devices. It offers,

- HD audio

- Unlimited session times

- Inbuilt chatbox

- Review of the meeting history

- Sets Reminders

Most of all, your data is all encrypted without any nuisance of security. 

2. Simple Practice Telehealth

Simple practice is the most compatible and robust telehealth tool. It offers insurance processing options. The inbuilt booking tools allows a patient to check for the empty slots, conveying their concern stating their medical service requirement. The documents(prescriptions or any diagnosing reports) produced by the physicians are mobile-friendly delivering the ease of access on any device. It has an in-app security system which protects the data sharing between the patients and the doctors.


It has some additionals features like screen sharing, template notes, calendar syncing and many more.

3. GoTo Meeting 

It is another excellent telemedicine tool. It is not only a HIPAA compliant tool but also offers the BAA certification for healthcare professionals. Go To Meeting endures the liability between both the patient and the doctor. 

Go to Meeting offers three main benefits.

- It is flexible

- It unique

- It contributes to HIPAA compliance

Not only for the patient, but it can also be used for webinars, and Online conferencing, where approximately 150 people can join at time. So, a physician can hold a small educational session, spreading awareness on staying healthy and building a strong immune system that would aid them to combat some deadly diseases like COVID-19

4. Medici

Medici is a HIPAA compliant Telehealth tool specially designed for medical providers. It is a secure messaging app ensuring the safety in e-prescribing and the payments. It has no language constraints and translates about 20 languages.

A patient will have access to check for the slot and request for video consultation at any time. 

5. Zoom For Healthcare

It is a video conferencing tool that governs the laws of HIPAA and PIPEDA along with the BAA certification to lock the security. Zoom can integrate with the digital stethoscope and electronic health records of a patient. It also allows collaboration with other members of the patient care team. So, a consultant will have an option to choose the number of persons that could join the session. It integrates with other apps for billing and scheduling.

It provides other standard features like data encryption, HD audio, screen sharing and many more. 

Perhaps, it is always a better idea to choose a secured software to prevent malpractices and data threats. To ensure the smooth flow of the tasks, you can use a “task manager” to halt the tedious tasks and make it simpler by sharing with your fellow physician or staff. Again, this prevents burnt out circulating with the abundance of energy to take care of yourself and your patients. 


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