4 Great Medical Conference Apps for Doctors
4 Great Medical Conference Apps for Doctors
May 21, 2015 by Dr. Michael Ament
It’s no secret that a medical conference will keep you on your toes. Choosing the right conference, making travel arrangements, attending sessions, taking notes, networking with professionals, calculating your expenses – all of these elements require some level of time and effort before, during or after an event.

Using technology is a great strategy for saving time and staying organized in the face of a medical conference. Below are four great medical conference apps for doctors – digital tools to have on-hand during your next trip.


HeyTell is a voice-messenger app that fosters quick communication by essentially turning your smartphone into a walkie-talkie. This could come in handy when traveling to medical conferences with colleagues, especially if you want to stay in touch while attending different sessions throughout each day. If the need to quickly contact a doctor from your team arises, this app may prove faster than a phone call and more noticeable than a text message. Additionally, as a medical conference organizer, you could use this app to efficiently communicate tasks or situations that surface during the course of an event.


Although Twitter has been around for years, it still acts as a great platform for conversing and networking in real time. This makes it an important app to have at any medical conference. Have you noticed that many conferences provide custom hashtags for attendees to use? Twitter makes it easy for you to use these short tags when following or contributing to discussions. For example, the California Society of Anesthesiologists asks physicians to use the tag #CSAcme when posting at their conferences. Search for these specific hashtags to follow all conference conversations, or engage with the posts of one or two physicians with whom you’d like to connect.


EventPilot is a customizable conference app made especially for scientific and medical meetings. Healthcare event organizers can use this unique app to provide attendees with access to full conference programs right on their smartphones. With an EventPilot app on-hand, doctors are able to take notes on PowerPoint presentation slides, schedule sessions to attend, receive session reminders, access maps for navigating exhibition halls, share business cards and more. The next time you arrive at a conference, be sure to ask if a customized EventPilot app will be made available for all attendees.


Although you might not always be responsible for paying out of pocket, you still must track and report all expenses that you incur while at a medical conference. Instead of cramming receipts into your purse or wallet, store them digitally with Shoeboxed. Shoeboxed is an app that can help you record and organize conference costs for which you plan on being reimbursed. Take pictures of your receipts and this app will enter key payment information and categorize your expenses for you. Upon return from your conference, send an expense report from your phone or sync it with a tool like QuickBooks.

The next time you attend a medical conference, consider using one of these four apps to stay organized. Have you had success with any other medical conference apps not featured on this list? Let us know in the comments section below.
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