4 Effective Ways to Stretch your CME Budget in 2021
4 Effective Ways to Stretch your CME Budget in 2021
December 30, 2020 by eMedEvents

As with any budget, you want to find a way to maximize your dollar value, and your CME budget is no different. But thanks to the growing cost of technical upgrades and new patient reforms, your budget will probably be tighter than you expected it to be. What makes matters worse, is that on average physicians already are given a minuscule amount of money ($3500-$5000) to spend on CMEs. Unfortunately, CME money is non-transferable from one year to the next, so you also forfeit all CME allowance money, that is not spent by the end of the year. With a coronavirus vaccine starting to be distributed, and with many health and disease experts predicting public events will be open by the middle of 2021, it is important for HCPs to start researching which CME conferences they would like to attend. Considering all these factors, it is now more important than ever to get the most out of your money, below describes the best four ways you can maximize your earnings, at your next CME conference.  

1.    Complimentary Electronics

Some organizations, with the purchase of their CME activities, offer free electronic devices. Common devices at these conferences include electronics that can track blood pressure, sugar levels, and monitor heart rate, but can also vary as reported from an iPad to an Apple Watch. While these electronics would be great for the workplace, they could also be applied for personal use. If you are looking for a particular device that is not being offered at this conference, have no fear, plenty of CME events give away gift cards from companies such as Apple and Amazon, so you can spend the money on exactly what you want.

2.    CME conferences in vacation areas

Not interested in any electronics or other special promotions and would rather focus on where the CME conference is taking place? If so, then this option would be perfect for you. Many CME conferences are held in beach resorts and exotic islands, where the weather is known to be warm year-round, along with popular tourist destinations surrounding the area. CME organizers purposely locate their events in popular destinations, as best to attract more people and to build excitement and anticipation for the event. Make sure to check with your employer to make sure your vacation time will not be affected, and to see if they will cover any expenses during the trip.  

3.    Hosting your own event and speaking

If speaking in front of a large number of people comes naturally to you, or if you would like to practice your public speaking skills, this would be your best option to save money at CME events. As multiple blogs and articles have stated, many events (not just CME conferences) will reduce or waive the cost of certain expenses for their speakers. You may get travel, living, or food expenses covered, along with exclusive benefits. Aside from just the money aspect, it is a good way to connect, the platform provides you with an interested and large audience instantly. Public speaking at well-known events can also be a welcomed resume builder.

4.    Promotions

With so many CME events around the world, not to mention the growing competition of online education, CME events are always running special promotions, to get you to come to their conference. Do diligent research, and do not just pick the event based on location. Some events offer more benefits than others, such as free CME course credits, or reduced-price course credits. There may be more renowned speakers and medical professionals at some events, as opposed to others, that you would like to hear from and hopefully ask questions and connect with. These all need to be factors when choosing how and where your money will be spent.
With the 4 options above, you can now feel confident that your money is being used in the best way possible. Now your small budget just got a little larger.  

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