30 Things to Help You Make the Most of a Medical Conference
30 Things to Help You Make the Most of a Medical Conference
October 28, 2013 by Shruti


As medical professionals, planning to attend any medical conferences, it’s important to plan ahead to make it a rewarding experience and to have fun. Here’s our checklist to keep things organized so your trip goes smoothly. Here are 30 things for your checklist while attending medical events across the USA.

Before the Medical conference
  1. Scope a medical conference catalogue for all information related to schedule, contributors, and contact  details.
  2. Identify your intellectual needs and register for workshops, popular sessions and well in advance.
  3. If you are a presenter, prepare your presentation and abstracts within the postulated deadline and keep backup copies either in the cloud or flash drive.
  4. Plan your travel with friends and colleagues attending the  same medical conference so you can avail discounts on group booking.
  5. If you are planning the trip with family, book ahead for hotel accommodation and check out child care facilities at the hotel and the conference.
  6. Pack according to the weather at the destination and the activities you will be participating at the conference.
  7. Check the medical conference website for e-conference material and download web-applications, presentations and other available references.
  8. Carry a few printed copies of your CV and plenty of business cards to distribute at the conference. Ensure that these materials contain your name, email address, and phone number.
  9. Make a checklist before leaving to the conference and ensure you have all the items you need


At the Conference
  1. Check the schedule and prepare yourself for the day ahead.
  2. Wear comfortable clothes formal or semi-formal according to the dress code. Carry a jacket as it is always cold in the conference rooms.in case the air-conditioning is turned up.
  3. Collect any available conference material to enhance your educational experience.
  4. Attend medical conference sessions where you can easily network with speakers.
  5. Network with people in the conference and exchange business cards.
  6. Write how and where you met your acquaintance behind the card to ease memory.
  7. An alternate way of networking includes connecting with the conference attendees on LinkedIn and Twitter through your smartphone or tablet while talking to them.
  8. Make notes during the medical conference on your electronic device or a book so you can ask questions later. Another way to remember key facts about a conference is to make notes of the most interesting facts at the end of each day.
  9. Tweet significant facts about the conference and remember to use the medical conference #Hashtags.
  10. Approach speakers at the end of the session and ask questions on the topic of the session.
  11. If there is an interactive session, feel free to bring up interesting points for discussion with the speaker and other medical conference attendees.
  12. The general protocol for asking questions in a conference includes thanking the speaker, introducing yourself, and then talk about the session. The initial introduction gives you time to calm down and helps the attendees get acquainted with you.
  13. Every conference has bulletin boards pinned with activities, events, and groups that might interest you. Check out the pins and join intriguing sessions for a better educational experience.
  14. Always applaud the speakers on their presentation, and highlight the key facts that you learned.
  15. Provide honest session and speaker feedback at the end of every medical conference so the organizers can gauge the popularity of each event, and improve the conference experience.
  16. Take time to visit places of interest at the medical conference destination with family, friends, or conference attendees.
  17. Print and save your CME certificates before the conference site deadline.
  18. Make a list of ideas generated at the sessions and begin to work on them.
  19. Review the most useful topics of the medical conference and share this information with your colleagues.
  20. Most speakers are unappreciated for their work/presentations at the conferences. Let them know what you liked about their session, and connect with them over Twitter and LinkedIn.
  21. Keep in touch with the acquaintances you made at the medical conference using emails, tweets, and LinkedIn messages.


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