3 Valuable Lessons Learned During The Management Of COVID-19
3 Valuable Lessons Learned During The Management Of COVID-19
July 9, 2020 by eMedEvents

Healthcare professionals are the real saviours. Perhaps, they are the ones standing on the frontline, saving millions of lives.

The death toll due to COVID-19 in the United States is rising. With the rise in the number of cases, there is also a shortage of equipment as well as caregivers. 

The pandemic has given a dual responsibility to the medical professionals, i.e., to save themselves as well as people with the virus. There is no doubt that HCPS have quite well transformed into the situation and equipped themselves with all the necessary elements to fight the disease. It has allowed them to step outside of the box to discover the new lessons. 

It's commendable that medical professionals are emphasizing on digital tools to ensure the health and well-being of prescriptive patients. 

Now, Let's dive into the topic and check what the other three essential lessons learned during COVID-19

1. Emerging public practices

Everybody has got habituated to Handwashing and wearing a mask regularly. It is said that if these habits are continually put into the practice, we would naturally prevent ourselves from various bacterial infections and viruses. Drinking hot water is the other important thing that everybody is doing. Do you know if you have hot water regularly, you will be able to keep waterborne diseases at bay? Yes, it is possible, these little habits would prevent you from falling into the pits of the diseases. 

2. Effective doctor-patient models 

As earlier said, physicians are utilizing the e-healthcare models to maintain the continuity in the health care services. As hospitals or clinics might act as the virus spreaders, digital tools are the significant shield that stops the spread of the pandemic. It is more than essential to educate the public and induce safety practices. As patients require communication transparency, physicians and healthcare providers can utilize social media platforms to spread the required awareness. This pandemic has taught everyone to rely on preventative measures rather than seeking the doctor frequently. It has given a realization to heal naturally instead of confining to repetitive medical care. The pandemic has allowed rediscovering the healing process as well as other alternative approaches to cure an ailment.

If you are a physician and want to know more about digital tools, do click on the link below.


3. Actionable steps for Future

Heightened awareness and communication are vital to prevent physician burnout. Appropriate protocols must be generated for testing. A physician must be equally coordinated with emergency care providers to monitor the situations closely. Hospitals must communicate effectively on the shortage of equipment with the state boards such as the Center for Disease Control and prevention and Hospital Infection Control Board. Appropriate staffing adjustments must be made to prevent the shortage of on-demand services. Most importantly, there must be an assessment of the physical and mental health of frontline healthcare workers. 

Public Health institutions must spread awareness on the proper preventive measure to reduce the stress on the hospital-centric services. This pandemic has affected the lives of both healthcare providers as well as a patient. Right now, all it requires is a clear communication at all the stages to fill the gaps and to present effective treatment.

Let's take a moment to appreciate the efforts of all the frontline healthcare providers, and we also wish a speedy recovery to the world from the novel coronavirus. 

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