2015 Statistics Report Article
2015 Statistics Report Article
March 24, 2016 by Neha Pai


We recently released our statistics reports for medical conferences in 2015 and we are proud to report that the variety of conferences that we store in our database is expanding, whether it be based on location or specialty. In this article, we will focus on analyzing the growth in resources that we are now able to offer our customers by both location and specialty.
Conferences by Location:
In 2014, the majority of conferences that we had information on were in Boston (14.5%), followed by Las Vegas and San Francisco. Our newest reports show that Las Vegas, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orlando each host 7-9% of the total conferences we share. Not only does this show that our reach is expanding to more cities but it also means that we have more options for our clients nationwide, rather than our options being concentrated in a few cities. In the past year, we also increased the amount of conferences we promote in Florida, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania, hitting most regions of the United States.
Additionally, on an international scale, we now offer over 1,100 conferences in England. Our conference options in London almost doubled (from 288 to 572 conferences). This is significant because we are now more capable of helping medical professionals across the world.
Conferences by Specialty:
Our focus (in terms of specialties) was to round out the amount of conferences we offer and we’ve done exactly that. In 2014, the difference between the largest conference amount offered by specialty and the smallest was 12.1%. In 2015, we narrowed that gap down to 8.6%. We added many conferences specializing in Cardiology, Surgery, and Anesthesiology, making our percentages per specialty more well-rounded. We are now able to better meet the needs of our clients, especially in these fields of medicine.
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