12 Essential Apps for Nurses
12 Essential Apps for Nurses
April 27, 2018 by Dr. Ushasri Boda

At eMedEvents we understand how stressful a nurse’s job is on a daily basis, In America, one-third of the nurses have experienced stress, anxiety, and chronic fatigue due to work. As a nurse, you may want to consider downloading the following apps to manage work shifts, improve medical knowledge, prep for exams, attend international CME conferences, and maintain proper patient care. All of our recommended apps are compatible with both iOS and Android.

The 12 best nursing apps to consider are:


CEN pocket prep App:

CEN Pocket Prep is a useful app for practice exams related to emergency nursing care. The app offers in-depth information on wide variety of topics, customized practice test, detailed answer explanations, exam results, and exam history. CEN Pocket Prep app is free to download and also offers premium upgrade option.

Rating: iOS: 4.7    Google Play: 4.2

NCLEX-RN Mastery:

NCLEX-RN Mastery offers over 1,800 practice questions, quizzes, mnemonics and strategies. To help you prepare for NCLEX. The app is designed to help you master your skills and knowledge in a broad variety of topic. It assist in analyzing your strengths and weaknesses on particular topics and allows you to build custom quizzes to improve. It also suggest test-taking and studying strategies. The app has a premium upgrade option which allows access to the full-feature online version.

Rating: iOS: 4.8   Google Play: 4.7

Nursing Central:

Nursing Central has the most comprehensive information on drugs, diseases, test, and procedures for nurses. This app provides a database of information on 5,000 drugs that is constantly updated. Consult on the latest disease-related information, look-up definitions, and interpret lab & diagnostic reports. The app is integrated with 5 bestselling nursing apps - Davis’s Drug Guide, Davis’s Laboratory and Diagnostic Tests, Diseases and Disorders, Taber’s Medical Dictionary and Prime PubMed. An initial purchase is required by the user and the subscription can be renewed on yearly bases.

Rating: iOS: 4.8   Google Play: 4.3

Disease Dictionary:

Disease Dictionary contains detailed information on medical diseases & disorders, including definition, symptoms, causes and treatment. It also contains prescription drugs information, drugs side-effects, medication interaction, and pill description. The data can be accessed offline and for free.

Rating: iOS: 4.4   Google Play: 4.3

Human Anatomy Atlas 2018:

Human Anatomy atlas 2018 is a complete 3D human body reference app. It has male and female 3D gross anatomy models, cadaver slices, microanatomy of tissues and organs and diagnostic images with 3D cross-section. There are interactive animations of muscles and bones. It also contains injuries, diseases & pathologies descriptions, Latin names and a quiz bank. It has an In-App purchase option.

Rating: iOS: 4.8   Google Play: 4.5


PEPID offers valuable drug information on the go to healthcare professionals. It allows users to access one of the largest drug database, dosing and medical calculators, illustrations, and high-resolution photos. The content is updated at regular intervals from 12 leading healthcare associations.

Rating: iOS: 4.9   Google Play: 3.9



MedScape is a leading medical resources for healthcare professionals by providing them with fast and accurate clinical answers. It allows users to share clinical cases, ask questions, and gain new perspectives from diverse experiences. One time sign-up is required at the time of download and the app is for free.

Rating: iOS: 4.2   Google Play: 4.4

Work Shift Calendar:

Work Shift Calendar helps you manage your shifts and holidays and even have fun conversations. Access duty schedules and share registered duty via WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, Instagram and much more. The app is for free.

Rating: Google Play: 4.6

MedPage Today:

MedPage Today brings breaking news in the field of medicine at your fingertips, covering over 30 specialties, annual conferences, and offers free CME/CE credits. It’s considered one of the best medical news app among healthcare professionals. The app is for free.

Rating: iOS: 4.8   Google Play: 4.4


eMedEvents is a one-stop platform for all your international CME conferences. With this app, you can discover medical meetings by location, specialties, and speaker. It also helps in booking your travel itinerary in a single app.


RNotes is a quick-reference application which primarily focuses on providing clinical information to the fingertips of nurses. It aids nurses in taking quick reads, step-by-step procedure information and full color images & figures. It also allows users to create custom notes and highlight within entries.

Rating: Google Play: 4.0


Epocrates assists healthcare professionals to provide better patient care by aiding them with right information when they need it. Healthcare professionals can perform several calculations, identify pills, check drug interaction, and access journals about a particular drug.

Rating: Google Play: 4.3

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