10 Ways Alexa is Transforming the Health Industry
10 Ways Alexa is Transforming the Health Industry
January 9, 2020 by Kenechi Chiemelu

Amazon has created fully HIPAA compliant applications to renovate the healthcare industry and benefit both patients and healthcare professionals. Along with other fields, the healthcare system is veering into a technologically adaptable environment. Future achievements in the healthcare industry will be built on the successes of today and the open-minded choices we make now.

  1. Management of Medication-Sensitive Disorders: Alexa allows diabetic patients to track and post their daily activities while monitoring their time-sensitive medication.
  2. Assist the Elderly: The company, Liquid Studio, developed Alexa skills kits’ that simulate “real-world care” for the elderly. Some Alexa apps will assist with an individual’s daily activities, like setting reminders for appointments and medication. By learning their preferences for certain things, like room temperature and light intensity, the app can promote physical and mental wellness and peace of mind. 
  3. Managing Medication & Lifestyle: For kids, adults, and the elderly, it's difficult to keep track of the times and types of medication used. It can set Alexa to remind patients of their scheduled food or medication. An application, HeartGuide, will calculate your vitals, like blood pressure of blood glucose. 
  4. Expedient Information for Patient & Provider: Alexa can provide information about nearby hospital locations, which is essential with an emergency. For healthcare providers, doctors and nurses can retrieve complete healthcare reports on patients. A patient can also be briefed on particular procedures, drugs, or treatment, thus, avoiding unnecessary stress and confusion.
  5. Access to Live First Aid Videos: Mayo Clinic has partnered with Amazon to produce this unique skill, allowing individuals to consult with Alexa on non-emergency, medical problems. It provides these answers for quick, hands-free use. For example, some of them cover instructions for CPR, how to treat a cut or burn, or what to do when afflicted with a fever. 
  6. Wellness Tips: Cleveland Clinic, a nonprofit, multispecialty academic medical center, has created an Alexa skill that provides patients with daily tips on health, wellness, and nutrition.
  7. Assist Healthcare EMT with Hands-Free Devices: Brewster Ambulance customized an Alexa skills app to present medical help to ambulance personnel. This skill acts as a stand-in for EMTs to get their services rendered in a timely and efficient manner.
  8. Diagnostic Suggestions: Alexa has enabled a personal physician feature that relays advice and information from the doctor to the patient. This allows patients to stay up-to-date by informing them of their condition and treatment plans.
  9. Buy & Manage Insurance Claims: Alexa can answer questions about insurance plans via the Insurance Advisor skills application. There are a variety of insurance companies, but each one requires an open account to use it.
  10. Improving Interactions in the Hospital: Nurses can interact with patients via Alexa. Voice commands can adjust the lights, temperature, and setting of the patient’s room. In an emergency, the patient can use the voice commands to call for assistance if they’re unable to operate their ‘nurse call’ button.

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