10 Tips to Organize a successful Online Conference
10 Tips to Organize a successful Online Conference
April 23, 2020 by eMedEvents

As discussed earlier, holding a face-to-face conference is the simplest way to reach a wider audience. Online conferences make a great business model expand your offering, reach new audiences, and generate more revenue. 

It's just not about holding a conference. Your session must reap some value both for your business and the audience too. 

So, here's how you can do it. 

We jotted down 10 tips to organize a successful online Conference.

1. Be clear on the CONTEXT of the content

HCPs are quite picky when choosing a medical conference. Offer valid CME credits along with diverse knowledge. Help the HCPs make most of their learnings. The next time they want to approach for a conference, it is your organization name that should pop-up in their minds. 

2. Search for a Hosting Platform

There are many conferences hosting websites available online. Make sure to check their licensing authority before publishing your online meeting unto their website. To keep the confusion at bay, and make it easier for your respondents, utilize medical conference hosting websites. 

To grab all the details on hosting your online conference, feel free to shoot us an email at contact@emedevents.com.

3. Build a microsite

Having a website of your own would make everything easier. Create a landing page that depicts your Online session and the value that you're presenting them. Dont forget to imprint a CTA (Call to Action), i.e. a navigatable link to the registration page. Display testimonials to build loyalty.

4. Choose presenters

Ensure to stay in touch with your presenters. Schedule daily calls with them until a week before the meeting. Give a crystal clear idea about how you want the conference to be. Fill in the gaps and help them actively think 

Even a presenter could also be lucratively beneficial. This could happen with the constant support and the feedback given by the attendees. Doesn't it seem like a spider web implying the importance of connectivity and strength?

5. Keep the session short or add short breaks

Do not forget to add sufficient breaks if your events are too long. Please give them a 15min break check-in their appointments, emails, or maybe use the toilet. It will help them to stay on the pace with double interest. 

6. Set a reminder for your Registrants

People are often forgetful. Make them as remindful and attentive as they are for the live conferences. At least set three reminders,

  • A week before the commencement of the conference
  • The day before the session
  • The day the online session is finally ready to go

Present them with the procedure to access the conference online and answer the questions when the session is over. Stay engaged with your attendees even after the conference to bestow some exciting offers. 

7. Have a strong customer support

Healthcare professionals might not be well versed with the technical terms, plan on building strong learner support. Send multiple emails with the navigatable links, and make your respondents understand the event logistics, such as how to assess the event and how long the event will be online. 

To culminate the confusion, have a chatbox on your website. To keep up with the process, have a strong customer support team to support the HCPs continually. 

We are happy to have one such team.

Little things make a long way for success. 

8. Social media and Advertising

As there are chances of missing out an email, utilize social media to post an update about your Online CME conference. Create teasers, or enticing posts to make a long-lasting impression in your readers' minds. Social media will also help you build a long-lasting relationship with your attendees both during and after the conference.

Online conference are out of the picture with demographic restrictions. Employ paid advertisements to attract medical professionals from around the world.

9.  Get started with a bang

Usually, the number of attendees are high during the first day of the online session. To get things right, plan your modules accordingly to satiate with the attendees' interest.  Even though there aren't any restrictions with demographic, keep in mind the time zones during the launch. 

10. It isn't over yet

Stay engaged with the audience even after the session: present ebooks, journals or the conference materials and their accreditations. 

Online conference are everyone's cup of tea, connecting the HCPs from around the world. 

For more information on Online CME Conferences, we request you to navigate to https://www.emedevents.com/online-cme-courses

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