10 Speaker Guidelines To Follow While Presenting At An Online Conference
10 Speaker Guidelines To Follow While Presenting At An Online Conference
July 1, 2020 by eMedEvents

A speaker is “The star of a conference”.

The success of the session always depends on the speaker's presentation. 

The struggle behind the preparation to make your audiences happy is all notable. 

Well, As there is a second wave of the pandemic, all mass gatherings are temporarily paused.

Are you missing the auditorium halls filled with a massive crowd that eye-contact with the audiences, cheer-ups, laughter, quick Q&A's?

We can hear you!!

But, the organizers are quite well adapting to the adversities and making their paths clear by shifting conferences online. Digital devices are your auditoriums. So, keep fear of missing at bay and talk to your organizers about moving meetings on to the internet. 

To boost your audiences and make them active, you need to instill an abundance of energy into the session to make it all worth it. To ensure the success of the meeting, you will need a lot of preparation. 

Are you wondering about how to make it all possible through your screens?

We got you a list of guidelines that would assist you in presenting yourself in best possible ways, 

1. Adjust the frame 

To create a professional look, assure to adjust your webcam to your eye level. If you are using a laptop, stack some books beneath the device to create the perfect angle. Choose a simple background and proper lighting to make sure the focus is on you. 

2. Create Compelling slides

Do not add too much content on the slide. As your slides are a medium of communication, create easy to grasp presentations. Keep it knowledgeable yet straightforward. When creating the slides remember to,

- Convey the point in an understandable way and,

- Check how well they represent in terms of design 

3. Don't be a narrator, be a presenter

Don't just put forth the created slides. Be present on the screen when you're narrating. It establishes the "eye-contact" element and makes your online conference more realistic. Moreover, there would be a precise message delivery. You can associate with your technology team to create such experiences for your participants. 

P.S: we're more than happy to have one such team that makes it easier for our organizers to host the online conferences in the best possible ways. 

4. Engaging presentation

To make your presentation even more interesting, employ the concept of "storytelling." It creates the gist of curiosity and builds interest in the mind of a respondent. You can also incorporate the case studies, visuals, and assertions to make the message travel easily through the screens and into the memory. 

5. Interaction is the key

To drive the required engagement, a bright, interactive session is all you need. Here's a simple tip include polls or host a short Q&A session in between the conference. Embed a chat box to make it all possible. Take time to check in the answered queries and interact with the audiences. It makes them feel they are heard and builds value for the whole session. 

6. Focus on the technology

As online conferences don't require any demographic restrictions, audiences from across the world will access the session. So, to make it all feasible, you need to employ reliable technology. You could use familiar tools such as Hangouts or Google meet to host a budget-friendly conference. In the end, all you need is an uninterrupted internet. 

You can host a rehearsal session to know the defects. 

7. Ditch Distractions

Put away your phone. Turn off all the notifications. Lock yourself in a pleasant space to prevent unnecessary barging. The same goes for the attendees. Give all the cautions before starting the presentation to culminate any disturbances. 

8. Share your contact info

At the end of the presentation, give your contact data. It will help an attendee to approach you for any doubts regarding the research data. As your organizers might already have the emails of all registrants, share across your presentations, and the research insights. 

9. Follow Up with the summary

Following up with the customers indulges with the gist of loyalty. Followup messages may include presentation slides or the recorded version of the conference. This allows a customer to turn to your website for future purposes.

10. Grant the credits 

Upon completion, evaluate the performance of each individual and grant the required credits. 

Be it a webinar or an in-person conference, Delivering a message in the right way is crucial. Follow these simple steps and keep all the worries at bay to hold hassle-free presentations. 

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